Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Blogathon Pick 'Em Challenge Results

Although Speedgeek outscored us both 8-0 in Pro Bowl points, it wasn't quite enough. Here are the final standings for our Pick 'Em Challenge:

Mike - 94
Speedgeek - 88
Wedge - 68

I guess there are two lessons here:

1. As Speedgeek said, pick the coolest car. This year, it was the Chupacabra. Who's gonna beat that?

2. Just pick the cars that win each category. Easy win.

Sunday, January 28, 2018

quick summary

If someone asks, "What did you do this weekend?"


Daytona 24 Hours - 24 Hour Pick-'Em Results

Wow! So, that was a pretty entertaining ending, with a question mark hanging over whether or not the #5 Cadillac would make it to the finish, what the effect would be of the #31 having to stick their least experienced driver (Stuart Middleton) back in the car at the end to avoid a drive time violation (he'd only done an hour and 59 minutes of his required two hours for all of the drivers to receive championship points) and whether or not Colin Braun in the #54 CORE Autosports ORECA-Gibson could chase down the two leading teammates. As it turns out, the answers to these questions would be "yes, it could make it the the finish", "not much, Middleton was about two seconds or so a lap slower than Mike Conway, but it wouldn't have made any difference in the limited amount of laps available" and "nope, too little too late". And the last question on everybody's minds, of course, was "WHO IS GOING TO WIN THE BLOGATHON PICK-'EM GAME?!?!?" OK, OK, I'll get to it.

End of Race Results:

1) #5 Mustang Sampling Racing Engineering Racing Cadillac DPi (Mike - 12 points)
2) #31 Whelen Engineering Racing Cadillac DPi (Speedgeek - 8 points)
3) #54 CORE Autosports ORECA LMP2-Gibson (unclaimed)

1) #67 Ford Chip Ganassi Ford GT (Mike - 6 points)
2) #66 Ford Chip Ganassi Ford GT (Speedgeek - 4 points)
3) #3 Corvette Racing Chevrolet Corvette C7.R (Wedge - 2 points)

1) #11 GRT Grasser Racing Team Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (Mike - 6 points)
2) #86 Michael Shank Racing w/ Curb-Agajanian Acura NSX GT3 (Mike - 4 points)
3) #48 Paul Miller Racing Lamborghini Huracan GT3 (Speedgeek - 2 points)

Hours 18-24 Totals:

Mike - 28 points
Speedgeek - 14 points
Wedge - 2 points


Mike - 51 points
Speedgeek - 42 points
Wedge - 23 points

On to Mike to post the overall champion, but congrats to him on winning the Daytona portion of the challenge! I think it's clear that even though it didn't directly win him any points, picking the Chupacabra Mercedes provided the good juju to take it all home. I think we all learned something here today: always take the coolest looking car...you'll never be disappointed.

Limerick throwback for Albuquerque

I posted this five years ago during Blogathon 2013. If the #5 car holds on for two more minutes, Felipe gets a Rolex!

Hit the KILL switch?!

I don't know what it means to "hit a kill switch," but it doesn't sound anything like "come collect your Rolex" to me at all! Come on #5! Hit the "kill all the other cars" switch!

It's Getting Interesting

The #5 Mustang Sampling Racing Action Express Cadillac still leads, but is limping toward the finish with engine problems inside of 40 minutes to go. It still has a lap in hand over the #31 Whelen Engineering Action Express Cadillac and the #54 CORE Autosports ORECA-Gibson, but will that be enough of a margin to nurse home? By my math, at the pace that the #31 and #54 are closing (about 5 seconds per lap), they should easily be inside of 20 seconds behind the #5 by the end...


Under an hour to go!

Somehow I have three cars in the lead (5, 67, 11), yet I'm losing all three NCAA basketball games. Again, I have no idea what I'm doing.

snack shot #4

I don't have any Haribo like our friend Pat, but these Life Saver gummies have been pretty solid throughout the race.

My dad's still a soccer mom

Really. If you haven't seen this movie that Speedgeek and I sat through last night, you can find our thoughts here, and you can stream it yourself through Netflix.

Pruett just said hi to his family AGAIN

Even though his family is in attendance and he still insists on saying hi to them on TV, we may have just seen the final time you guys.