Monday, March 9, 2015

Topic Rundown: Let's Talk... Olympics!?

You might be thinking to yourself: "But Allen, while you are an Olympic nut, how can you possibly be writing about the Olympics in a non-Olympic year?"

Alas readers, for I can segue with the best of them in some quick topic rundowns.

IndyCar team KV Racing announces the driver of their 2nd car for the 2015 season: Stefano Coletti? 

For those who do not follow the European divisions of racing, Coletti is a 4-year veteran of GP2, and like many before him has likely given up on the dream of obtaining 3 trillion dollars that would allow him to get a test in Formula 1 car. He's won 5 races in the last two seasons including 12 podium finishes in that range.

So he's got some pedigree, but most fans will be saying its not a big enough name, but I say we can put a spin on that. You see, Stefano's sister Alexandra Coletti is a 2-time Olympian. an alpine skier competing for Monaco, she participated in the 2006 Turin and 2010 Vancouver Olympics. In fact she was Monaco's flag bearer in 2010.

I think the media should make it a point to bug him all season asking him if he thinks he could ever live up to his sister, "The Olympian." Just compare everything he does in IndyCar to his sister. 'You just finished in the Top 5, what about your sister, she once carried your country's flag on the world stage.' He's probably never heard it before honestly, so he might be happy for someone to bring it up.

Ronda Rousey: Great fighter, but can she fly with a pole?

With Ronda Rousey once again defending her UFC championship belt, this time in 14 seconds, against the #1 ranked contender who was otherwise undefeated, many talks have come up. Will anyone ever beat her, is she in the realm of Mike Tyson, is she pound-for-pound the best fighter, can she beat men in the same weight class. All this talk is pointless, as Rousey herself even pointed out, no sanctioning body would ever let her fight a guy, not to mention she wouldn;t do it for the implications it would carry. But that doesn't stop people from throwing more opinions, questions, and what-ifs in the mix. Not to mention people angrily defending who is better than who and all that. We now have UFC Heavyweight fighter Matt Mitrione to thank for this one, when he visited another UFC fighter, Matt Shaub's, radio show:

Mitrione: "Pole vaulters are better athletes than Ronda". 
Schaub: "Pole vaulters?!"

Now I'm not exactly sure where Mitrione was trying to go with this because its so random, but I think he managed to insult everyone involved, the hosts, women fighters and pole vaulters. Is he saying pole vaulters aren't athletic? Or track and fielders in general? I mean if I was going to pick on an Olympic sport, theres plenty out there that are more skill than strength. Archery, skeet shooting and curling are more skill than strength sports; and lets not forget that for some silly reason multiple forms of Equestrian manage to be Olympic events.

I mean, to run with enough speed to plant a 10+ foot pole in a divot and using only your arm strength, lift your body over a 12+ foot bar seems quite athletic to me; shoot the Olympic record for women is over 13 feet tall. Ronda runs triathlons and stuff to train and then grinds out and fights opponents. I mean I get that he was trying to belittle Ronda's talent, but why pole vaulters? I mean he's missing the fact that Ronda is an Olympic medalist already, so is he saying Judo Olympians aren't as athletic as pole vaulters?

Or maybe I'm wrong and Mitrione literally has a ranking on every kind of athletic feat that there is in the world, and he's got pole vaulting at 47th on the list and women's bantamweight fighter is 48th on that list. I really hope he's got marathon ahead of the 100m dash because I'm very tired of how people say the 100m dash winner is the fastest man alive. This sounds like a fun pointless task for GBS to undertake, lets rank all sports on levels of athleticism.

Any reader got a clue, thoughts?

Lastly: The 2022 Winter Olympics host decision is being made this year.

We all know about the fiasco that has become of the hosting bids. 4+ cities actually dropped their bids after asking their citizens if they were interested in the bill that comes with it. The only 2 remaining are Beijing, China, and Almaty, Kazakhstan (neither of which really give their citizens the option of saying no). We here at Grab Bag Sports have always made it known that we officially support the decision to give International sporting events to cities/countries that have not had them before. As a world we expand our knowledge of the known locales, cultures and help the world open up. This is why we were saddened by the selection of Tokyo over Istanbul for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

2020 will actually be Tokyo's 2nd time hosting the Olympics and Japan's 4th overall (Tokyo 1964, Sapporo 1972, Nagano 1998). Turkey meanwhile is still sporting a big fat zero for # of times hosting the Olympics.

So with all this, plus the fact that Beijing gets no winter (much like Sochi), and all stupid Borat jokes people will make aside, GBS has its full support for Kazakhstan... but Beijing just makes it so hard...\

We all remember their mind-blowing opening ceremony; and now for their 2022 bid, they are recoding a new theme song “Awakening Winter,” which includes the talents of none other than, f'n Jackie Chan.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Scott Boras Cares About the Integrity of the Game

On Friday "super agent" Scott Boras appeared on Chicago's 670 The Score, discussing one of his clients, top prospect Kris Bryant. While Bryant may be the best third baseman in the Cubs' camp this spring, it is highly unlikely that he will be on Chicago's opening day roster. Boras was asked about his views concerning the way baseball treats its drafted prospects when it comes to service time and future free agency.

Obviously Boras has to say he is against any policy that delays Bryant from signing his first huge contract, and all of this discussion is more about the 2021 season than the next two months. Summarized simply, Bryant can reach free agency following the 2020 season if he were to open the season with the team. Sending him to AAA for as little as a couple of weeks could buy the team another full season.

Boras knows this is not only a good business move for the Cubs to leave him off of the roster, but it is also almost a necessity. Losing a full year later for a few games now would be a terrible move for the team's future.

Although Boras acknowledged this, along with confirming that the team is only following rules established in the collective bargaining agreement, he still made a clear attempt to paint the team as the bad guys here. Playing to the fans, Boras stated the goal of every team should be to win and to put the best players on the field at all times. He insinuated that the fans should accept nothing less from the team. As Boras put it, the integrity of the game is questioned whenever a prospect is left in the minor leagues in order to preserve service time.

So Boras is going to lecture all of us about the integrity of the game. Winning a championship should be the only thing that matters. (He even justified Greg Maddux's move to Atlanta, even though no one asked him to defend himself. I have never heard a Cubs fan question Maddux's decision to leave Chicago.)

But fine. Integrity of the game. I agree. A championship is all that matters, and the best players should be on the field beginning opening day.

Here's the problem though. For that to be a valid argument, it would have to go both ways. If Boras (and Bryant, honestly) believed this was all about the integrity of the game, and that business decisions and future salaries should have no influence on today's decisions, then why not approach the team about working out a deal right now that would end all of the arbitration stuff.

We all know why this won't happen though. Boras would NEVER do that. And he probably shouldn't. And why not? Because by doing so, Bryant would likely lose millions of dollars.

Just look at recent deals signed by Cubs stars Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo. Castro's eight-year/$60 million deal signed in 2012 was followed the next year by Rizzo's seven-year/$41 million contract. Is Bryant currently in line to blow those contracts away when he reaches free agency? Absolutely. Still, those dollar amounts are more than any of us could ever need to live comfortably, and this is a player who not yet played at the top level.

So go to the team. Say, "We want Bryant on the field to start the season." Let's say eight years for $80 million. Fair deal for both sides, makes Bryant a rich man, and most importantly, the fans get to see the best players on the field. Integrity of the game! And yes, I realize this is absurd, but so was Boras's attempt to make the fans feel like the team was somehow letting us down.

In reality, the way things will work out, Mike Olt will probably be looking at his last shot to force his way into the Cubs lineup. If he comes out of the gate hitting .240-.250 with the power he showed last year, it will be a fun problem for the team to have. Bryant or Olt would have to end up in the outfield, or Olt could be traded. But I do think it's important to let Olt have another shot, and should he immediately fail, I think the team has enough flexibility to cover third base until Bryant's arrival.

I want the Cubs to win now, just as much as anyone else does. But there is no good reason to lose a year of Bryant later for a few games right now. As a Boras client, we know he is a lot less likely to agree to any deal before his free agency is imminent. It's in the team's best interest to delay that process, and as a fan, I fully expect them to do so.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Beers and Baseball Cards 04

Mike and Brett return for the new baseball season and sort through a few packs of cards, including 1999 Topps, 1990 Topps Traded, and ProSet Super Stars MusiCards. Check out Dennis Eckersley's arm, Vance Law's four balls, and Victor Rosario's hair.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

If you want to storm the court, beat Kentucky

I was very glad to find out recently that I'm not the only one who is against all this "court storming" that takes place in college basketball. I mean, actual important people are speaking out against it now. I suppose it's more of an issue now that Kansas coach Bill Self was nearly crushed when Kansas State students rushed onto the court after the unranked Wildcats upset the no. 8 Jayhawks on Monday night.

So naturally, now that it's become a safety concern, people are wondering how we can stop it. And I'm fine with that, because storming the court is becoming one of the most annoying things in sports.

So your team won a game on its home court. Congratulations. You should be proud of the players and all of the hard work they've done. Scream really loudly about it, sing some funny songs telling the other team to leave, do some trash talking on the internet. There are a million ways to celebrate the win while also showing that you believed in your team the whole time.

To me, when you storm the court, it's like you are so surprised by the outcome of this game that you have lost control of yourself and have no choice but to run down there and be a part of it all. It's all just that unbelievable and shocking. So, at the same time, you're also saying you never expected your team to win. And that's kind of pathetic in most cases.

Just last night, no. 14 Maryland upset no. 5 Wisconsin, and of course, a court storming took place. Guys, your team is ranked 14th in the nation. At this point in the season, you should believe that your team can (and will) compete with anyone on its home court. You should be saying and thinking something like this: "We might not win it all. We may have our problems on the road sometimes. But come to our house, and see what happens."

When your team wins on its home court, please act like you expected this outcome. Respect your team's players that much.

So now Bill Self and others are trying to put an end to this, and I'd like to help out. Here are some thoughts to use when arguing against storming the court.

1. I'm not saying it should never happen. I understand it's a safety issue, but I think for the most part, people are aware enough to not trample over a human being. But let's make it something special at least, right? Once every five years? Once every 10 years? I don't know the appropriate rate, but I think it shouldn't really happen multiple times during someone's college career. It should be a unique and memorable moment. If you ask your college buddy if he remembers that time you stormed the court, he shouldn't be able to ask, "Which one?"

2. You should only consider storming the court if no one gave your team a chance to win. It should be something of a huge surprise, even to you. Of course, you shouldn't spend your four years of college thinking this way.

3. You should only storm the court if this momentum can launch you to bigger and better things this year. Maybe this is the boost you needed. This is the turning point that no one saw coming. And honestly, December and January are way too early for any of that.

4. Following this logic, it should be rare for the opportunity to even arise. It may never happen, in fact. Which is how it kind of should be. This year, for example, from this point forward, I could understand storming the court for one reason only. BEAT KENTUCKY. That's it. If you're a ranked team, and you're hoping to have a successful postseason, no other wins should surprise you right now. If your team isn't having a good year, and you knock off no. 19 Eastern Tech State, then who cares? Big deal. You caught a team on an off night. No one wants to watch highlights to see fans of some 8-21 team rushing onto the court.

I wonder why we don't see this in many other sports, aside from college football occasionally. No one rushes onto the baseball field, do they? The race track? The hockey ice? I guess that would be pretty funny, actually.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Checking in on Darren Sproles

When the New Orleans Saints allowed Darren Sproles to walk and join the Philadelphia Eagles after the 2013 season, it sparked a debate between our horror podcast and our friends at (also a horror podcast, but they talk about sports more than horror, angering many of their fans in the process). As Saints fans, we put our trust in the team's front office to make the right decision about an aging running back. In hindsight, this was the least of our worries, obviously. But still, it looks like the Sproles decision was the right move.

As we discussed on our show and as I highlighted in this GBS post from last March, the production just wasn't there for Sproles in 2013. He'd scored only four times and even his special teams contributions were becoming minimal. The argument against us was basically: "Watch what Chip Kelly does with Sproles."

So what did Sproles do last year with the Eagles?

He did score more touchdowns, with all six of his scores coming as a rusher, and he did average 5.8 yards per carry, his highest since 2011. On the other hand, his receiving numbers were far lower than any of us expected. His 62 targets, 40 catches, and 387 yards were his lowest totals since 2008.

One of our main points was that Sproles had lost his touch in the return game. While the Eagles didn't use him on kick returns, he did have his best year as a punt returner in 2014. Although he spent much of 2013 calling for fair catches when it seemed he didn't always have to, Sproles averaged 13 yards per return and scored twice on punts last year.

My biggest concern after 2013 was the lack of impact games, as he topped 100 rushing/receiving yards only twice that year. Sure enough, this held true in Philadelphia as well. Whether Kelly used him "correctly" or not, Sproles kicked off the season with 85 yards in Week 1 and had 178 yards in Week 2, but he never reached 100 yards again. In fact, his 67 yards in Week 16 were the best he could do after that.

I'll say it again: I like Darren Sproles. But I think the Saints made the right call. In my opinion, Sproles contributed positively to two of the 10 wins the Saints claimed in 2013. I'd put that number somewhere around 3.5 out of 10 for Philadelphia last season. He's just not enough of an impact player these days. Maybe I'll be proven wrong in 2015.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Fun Notes From This Week

As I drowned in my sorrow following LSU's loss to Kentucky, I did catch a few fun stories this week that I wanted to mention.

First, did you know that GBS semi-favorite Julio Franco is still playing baseball?! Although he hasn't seen MLB action since 2007, Franco is now serving as a player-manager in Japan. We're told he is 56 years old, but remember, his age has been questioned in the past. So who knows. As a manager in Mexico last season, his team finished 58-47. I'd love to see him coaching in the majors soon. And maybe pinch hitting!

Speaking of old dudes playing baseball, in case you missed it, this 88-year-old totally tried to charge the mound in a fantasy camp. I mean, he looked out in that direction and took a few steps before being "contained" by the ump, but the rage and intent were there! I just hope that I can still play baseball when I'm 88. Or at least stand up. Honestly, if I'm 88 and the best I can do is wake up and watch old People's Court and Love Connection episodes, that'll be OK too.

Finally, this week I learned about a new sport called sepak takraw. It's kind of like volleyball mixed with soccer, and (I think) you have to be a ninja to play it. Basically, I plan to become the resident sepak takraw expert here at GBS as soon as I can. Give me some time to figure this stuff out, and soon you'll be able to come here for all of the latest sepak takraw news and analysis you could ever want. Why didn't we have this as an intramural sport in school?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

RBI Baseball: Top 3 Teams

RBI Baseball recently announced that Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo will be featured on the cover of the 2015 version. This is great, mainly because at least it's an actual guy, unlike the original NES games, where it was just randomly uniformed gentlemen.

However, I played a little bit of the new RBI last year, and it just wasn't quite as fun to me. I rank the original RBI very highly on my list of favorite video games and still play it on my phone every now and then.

In fact, here are my top three teams to use in the original NES RBI game. (Note: I have to throw out the All-Star teams, so that only leaves eight to choose from.)

3. Detroit Tigers - This is a newer favorite, since I don't remember liking them so much as a kid. But I've recently leaned toward the Detroit lineup, which starts off great with Trammel and then keeps going, with Gibson, Evans, and Nokes following. This is one of the only two non-All-Star lineups that I don't feel the need to adjust, although I do like to get Madlock some at-bats and will sub him in for Brookens sometimes. I recently had a 15-run inning in a 24-1 victory (using my phone, which I find to be more difficult than the NES). Strong offense.

2. St. Louis Cardinals - This is other lineup that you don't mess with. If someone is slumping, you can throw Oquendo in there to switch things up, but he isn't really any better than any of the starters. You know you aren't hitting home runs with this team, you can "small ball" the crap out of your opponent, especially the computer. If I were playing a season and trying to set my high mark for triples, this is easily my team.

1. Boston Red Sox - When you plug in Ellis Burks at the leadoff spot and Tony Armas in the eight-hole, this team is as good as the All-Star teams. Then you have Roger Clemens pitching. It's unfair, actually, and I rarely use Boston these days. But I know I used them a lot back in the day. Today, if I play with the Red Sox, I usually only use Bob Stanley to pitch, and I leave him planted in the middle of the mound.

I'm sure every RBI fan has a different Top 3. Feel free to tell me who I missed here.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Chicago Cubs: Non-Roster Invitees Announced

As soon as I posted my James Shields wish last week, things got pretty crazy, with the Cubs actually seeming to make a good run at signing him. But with reports that he has now chosen to sign with San Diego, it looks like the Cubs roster that will begin spring training is fairly settled. The major question at this point is whether or not the team will move Welington Castillo and/or Travis Wood before pitchers and catchers report next week.

In the middle of the Shields drama, the Cubs did announce the 19 non-roster players who received spring training invites. I believe the Opening Day roster is not exactly set in stone, but outside of pitching, I think there are only a couple of spots up for grabs. There is so much to be sorted out, but I am assuming a few things that could obviously change or end up being incorrect:

  • 1. The team will keep 13 pitchers.
  • 2. If Castillo is traded, the team will keep two catchers.
  • 3. This leaves 10 position spots, and I believe the following eight are solid: Alcantara, Castro, La Stella, Rizzo, Coghlan, Denorfia, Fowler, and Soler. This leaves two spots and assumes Baez would start at AAA (based on his recent contact struggles). Of course, a solid (and possibly just a half way decent) spring training will put him in. Then there are players like Olt, Lake, and Sweeney who would have the upper hand heading into camp.

So the odds are against the non-roster invitees, as far as making the team is concerned, especially for the position players. The pitching situation will be equally as competitive, with maybe one or two spots "open," but so much depends on who earns the 5th starting slot.

Then again, some of the players invited are simply being given a chance to get some experience and aren't even expecting to compete for a spot. Yet.

Below are some of the players on the non-roster invite list that we'll be watching closely.

  • Kris Bryant, Addison Russell, Kyle Schwarber, Albert Almora - Part of the "core" offensive future of the organization, none of these players will be on the roster at the end of camp. But it won't be long for some of them. Bryant should be up by June 1, and the rest could all end up in Chicago this year, at least when the rosters expand. More likely, it will be 2016 for Schwarber and Almora, but it will be nice to watch them play a few games this spring.
  • Jonathan Herrera - The team would obviously prefer Baez, with Olt being somewhat of a temporary backup plan while Baez gets things going in the minors. But if both of these players continue to strike out at high rates this spring, Herrera likely has the best chance of all the non-roster players to make the team. His career .263 average and .324 OBP would make him valuable in the infield behind La Stella and Alcantara. (Note: I hope Baez makes all of this unnecessary by having a great spring.)
  • Logan Watkins, Chris Valaika - Both are decent infielders and have contributed innings the past couple of years, but I honestly hope it doesn't come to this. (Edit - It looks like Watkins is currently injured.)
  • Corey Black, Pierce Johnson - Like the young offensive players invited, Johnson and Black don't really have a chance to make the team and will be there for experience. Both players pitched well for AA Tennessee last year, and it will be fun to see them with the team for a little while. Of course, missing out on Shields leaves that 5th spot open, but it would quite a reach to expect one of these guys to earn it right now.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Chicago Cubs: Forget the Options, Sign James Shields

This may not be realistic, but it also isn't very realistic for James Shields to still sitting here as a free agent in February, possibly days away from settling for about half of the money everyone thought he'd get.

The Chicago Cubs have a strong pitching unit heading into the season. New ace Jon Lester and returning veteran Jason Hammel will combine with Jake Arrieta to form a powerful trio at the top of the starting rotation. Further, Kyle Hendricks looked as "Maddux" as possible in his 13 starts at the end of last season, going 7-2 with a 2.46 ERA. Many assume he has the 4th spot locked up.

After that, the Cubs have so many potential options for a 5th starter that this could turn out to be the best rotation the team has had in a long time. And, of course, the team is likely done making major additions following the great deal that brought Dexter Fowler over last month. Combine all of this with the fact that Chicago is probably planning to land another top starter through trade (Cole Hamels?) or free agency next year (Jeff Samardzija?), and sure, signing James Shields sounds crazy.

But is it?

Shields has averaged 14 wins over the last four years, maintaining a 3.17 ERA in the American League during that time. We saw projections in the $100 million range a couple of months ago. Yet today, that number may be somewhere around $50-70 million.

I'd like to see the team jump on this opportunity right now. The 5th-spot possibilities are all exciting, but signing Shields would blow all of that up and make it irrelevant. There would no longer be a need to trade away prospects for a player like Hamels or spend twice as much money for someone like Samardzija.

But coming back to reality, it looks like the Cubs will have a tough decision to make based on players who are currently on the roster. So here is a quick look at some of the candidates to fill the final rotation spot along with my brief comments.

  • Edwin Jackson - It should be Jackson's spot to lose heading into spring training. He is only halfway through a $50 million dollar contract, and yes, it's painful to know that his wasted salary could be applied directly to a Shields offer. But it is what it is right now, and if he can show any value on the field whatsoever, he needs to be out there, preferably as a starter. I understand this, and I will celebrate the day the team receives any kind of return for Jackson. But I hate that he takes away opportunities from everyone else on this list.
  • Travis Wood - I honestly wish that this wasn't even a discussion that we need to have right now. If Wood hadn't taken such a huge step back last season, his spot would be secure. Unfortunately, he quickly went from an All-Star with a 3.11 ERA in 2013 to one of the worst regulars in the NL at 5.03. Still his previous success should put him next in line if Jackson were to fail and if Wood isn't dealt away. Of course his .227 average and six home runs over the past two years have also helped the offense.
  • Tsuyoshi Wada - Wada winning this spot would probably provide the best outcome for the team. He was a pleasant surprise last season, posting a 2.77 ERA with 10 wins at Iowa before arriving in Chicago and closing out the year at 3.25 through 13 starts. The Cubs gave him $4 million to return in 2015, and I'm hoping he is given a chance to contribute. Wada could also be a valuable trading chip at some point this year.
  • Jacob Turner - Who wouldn't love to see Turner become the great pitcher everyone once thought he'd be before falling all the way to the "low risk/high reward" guy the Cubs grabbed last year. Over the past few years, I would've been fine with throwing someone like Turner out there every fifth day to figure out if this is going to work or not. But I guess the odds are currently against him at this point, right? Still, you never know...
  • Felix Doubront - The team obviously likes Doubront, and he looked good enough in his few Chicago starts last year. Luckily his versatility as a reliever should keep him on the roster, but a lot would have to happen for him to start the season in the rotation.
  • Wild Cards - I think both Eric Jokisch and Dallas Beeler are MLB starters, although this year they will likely serve as insurance at Iowa. But I'm not counting them out.
  • Prospects - Finally, how long will it be until we start hearing serious talks about guys like CJ Edwards, Pierce Johnson, and Corey Black, who have all had success at AA. A solid spring training from any of them could throw their names in the mix earlier than expected.

Outcome: Assuming Hendricks holds on at #4, and Jackson and Wood fail to impress in spring training, I would love to see Wada join the rotation. It's easier for me, the person not on the hook for $20+ million, to say, but at some point Jackson may need to be let loose. The Cubs are very close to approaching possible "win now" territory, and they just can't compete if Jackson pitches the way he has since arriving in Chicago.

Wood should have some type of trade value, even if only in the low prospect range, and he should be moved. I think he will spend his career fighting for spots in the back ends of rotations, and the Cubs have better options, both for now and for the future. If he were packaged with Welington Castillo, for example, it would likely be worth whatever the team can get.

If Turner and Doubront can get bullpen roles initially, that keeps two potential starters nearby and seems ideal to me.

Of course, signing James Shields makes all of this unnecessary.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Super Bowl XLIX: Prop Bets

If you missed our official Tecmo Super Bowl prediction, we expect a 21-3 Seattle win in tonight's game. Additionally, we will help you make some last-minute wagers by offering predictions for some of the wacky prop bets that are available.

What color hoodie will Bill Belichick wear for Super Bowl XLIX (main color)? Gray

Hoodie style for Bill Belichick in Super Bowl XLIX: Sleeves

How long will it take Idina Menzel to sing the national anthem (from time first singing note starts until she completes singing "brave")? Under 122.5 seconds

What will Katy Perry be wearing during her first song performance for Super Bowl XLIX halftime? Dress/skirt

What color will Katy Perry's hair be when she begins the halftime show? Pink/red (My 5-year-old took over here. I was going to go with purple.)

Will Russell Wilson's passing yard total be higher than the national average regular gas price on Monday, February 2? It looks like today's average is $2.05, and I'm going with no. I predict Wilson will end up with fewer than 205 passing yards.

Groundhog Day Parlay: Seahawks win, Phil sees his shadow

(Disclaimer: Don't ever take anything that I say seriously enough to bet actual money! I'm kind of dumb!)

Chicago Cubs